Monday, December 19, 2016

the VOID after you leave the B-School..


The other day I watched the late night show of Befikre because a friend wanted me to accompany him. I am not getting into critically reviewing the movie, but the kind of state which that movie put me into, shocked my friend. I was depressed, sleepy and seemed to be disinterested, he on the other had tears in his eyes because of the situational comedy and humorous one liners the movie had to throw at us. At 2:15 am in the night, after watching this movie, the hunger pangs started hitting me hard. Though Pune, is known for its happening night life, but to be honest, there is nothing really which remains open after 11. So he took me to a small tapri which was right behind the girls’ hostel of a famous B-School in Pune.
While we ordered our Maggi and Tea, amidst the young crowd of the B-School, I couldn’t help but overhear the conversations which somehow made me super nostalgic about my days @ IMT Nagpur. I also spotted somebody wearing this T-Shirt which belonged to the marketing club of the college. I could hear things about branding, EMIs, placements, love affairs and what not. The cumulative energy of these conversations left me overwhelmed and sad. Overwhelmed obviously, because at almost 3 in the morning none of them were tired and we , as corporate slaves die to reach weekends. Sad, because I do not know when will I ever be able to live a life which is purposeful, soul satisfying and enriching, all three together
The greatest truth is that The VOID which MBA leaves you with is nothing less than Depressing.
No amount of money, parties, clubbing or trips which you do after B-School can ever substitute to the life which an MBA offers
You crave for the sleepless nights, you yearn for those 4:00 am droopy eyes
I do not know what it was:  the magical campus , the project group discussions, the PPTs, the class participations, the openness, the fests, the nights, the hundreds of start-up discussions, I guess I will run out of adjectives here
IMT spoilt me in ways more than one. It made me hungry to keep searching for newer goals and keep growing. Little did it tell, that organizations might not challenge you that way. It gave me an attitude to die for. Little did it tell, the world might not even understand that attitude? MBA  made me way less judgmental than I was, it matured me way more than the world deserves. It made me look at things from 100 glasses , so that I don’t come to conclusions just yet. It gave me the skill to appreciate the good a bit more and the bad a bit less . I learnt to value LIFE which in real, is full of naives who will look at things just the way you throw at them
You might just end up sitting amongst fools where there is no place for intellectually stimulating conversations. MBA does that to you, it shows you how beautiful the world can be, the unlimited potential it has to offer. But when you step out, you just find your mettle running faster than the world actually expects. And this is where it hits you. To me life after my B-School seems to be an abyss. And this is no exaggeration. It is not about solving complex consulting assignments, it is about the charge, the zeal, the hope which you carry during those 2 years of your life. Life becomes sadly very mundane. Oh! And yet I haven’t talked about the kind of people you meet during those two years. They will love you, they will hate you, backstab you, and praise you but you feel like you are part of the game. But once you step out of the MBA no amount of professionalism and corporate demeanor can actually challenge you. You are already so aware of the moves, the behavioral traits of the people, you almost find people DUMB. Where is the fun in life when you can predict almost everything? This is what an MBA does to you. They make you ready, without understanding that world is still not to face you!
I have become a forlorn lover. IMT was not just not just about classes, but was an emotion. I still wear my IMT hoodie with utmost pride and would let go of GUCCIs, H&Ms, and ZARAs for it. Probably wearing it, gives me unimaginable peace and solace which
MBA teaches you how to deal with the toughest of the challenges life has to throw you, to start loving them, SADLY it doesn’t teach you to adapt to the slow & routine lifestyle which creeps after you complete it. It makes one lonely, well, it made me lonely and even after 11 months of my life at IMT, I have not been able to forget my heavenly days there.
And definitely MBA is not just an education tag, it is a way of life! An emotion which you never want to escape. It has to offer in abundance, you only need to be ready for receiving…
I can go on and on , but, I miss you dear B-School. I miss you IMT

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Snapdeal re-branding : The deeper look

360 degree perspective on Snapdeal Re-branding

Red reminds me of Roses
Red reminds me Apples
Red reminds me of Santa Claus
Red reminds me of Passion, Love and Adrenaline
And now Red will remind me of- SNAPDEAL

360 degree perspective on Snapdeal’s Re-Branding

Snapdeal’s fresh new logo has been the talk of the town
Many brand enthusiasts, consultants, marketers and aspiring students have been discussing and putting forth their own point of views – positive as well as negative
Before I put forward my point of view I will honestly share the fresh first reactions of friends around me at workplace and elsewhere

A1: This is so pink. Is it only for girls?
A2: It is so desperately pink
A3: Is it Saraswati bank’s logo?

A4: It is simply so cool

Let us look at the different brand elements one by one-

snapdeal full logo

Value Proposition extended by the tagline - “Unbox Zindagi” Personally, my thoughts just resonate with what Snapdeal wants to put forward. I feel aspirational, happier and something to look forward to whenever I receive any parcel, letter, or even better a box. There is something new which I wish to discover. The emotion of Discovery has rightly been captured. And I believe in the entire branding, the thought and intent put behind exuberates brilliance. Simple, basic and very true. Snapdeal has done away with objectification. No clothes, musical instrument or a gadget. It is now about unboxing values – Happiness, freedom and Zindagi

The box :

This logo for sure is edgier and more on the contemporary lines. It does make sense to create such brand impact when it is about the E-Commerce sector. E-Commerce is about new discoveries and the logo certainly looks up to that, adding to that, it could have been a bit traditional so that it appeals to all and sundry cutting across segments of psychographic, geographic and demographic divides.  
Logos and symbols mean a lot: The Nike Swoosh, the iconic Instagram camera, the Looped M of Mc Donald’s have been strong enough to create space in our hearts. They have been symbols of trust. They invoke emotions which lead to preference buying and the point of the curve has been reached where the consumer will start choosing the brand of E-Commerce rather than the brand of product. For me, as of now it is Amazon.
I am sure the red Snapdeal box would now prove to be synonymous to ordering online and with such a high probability of being spotted from far the red box will now show Snapdeal as an iconic brand.

The color Scheme- Though on most of the platforms, they have said it is red. But it is definitely not the classic shade of Red. It is shade similar to Vermello
Shades of Red generally indicate Excitement and Boldness. Red has also been the color of most of the legendary brands across the globe. Few notable examples are- Coca Cola, Vodafone, Kellogg’s etc. Given the fact that Red has the longest wavelength on the spectrum, it catches attention most vividly
But the point of time when the Snapdeal re-branding has been done is bang on!
Now is the time when a user is looking beyond the values which only hold transactional benefit. With Amazon and Flipkart already ahead of Snapdeal, it was important to establish a positioning which stands out so that mere giving discounts only do not win over the consumer. And Snapdeal sure has emphasized on the fact that the person who receives the order, is a Consumer and not a customer.
That is the reason why a consumer will now receive the box which is red in color instead of the boring and monotonous brown colored boxes which are thrown away the moment they reach to us. I wonder with the beautiful and bright Vermello boxes I might just end up keeping them for me.
On a serious note, the great aspirational Indian middle class might even reuse these boxes, extending the brand recall by many days
With investors now being overly cautious and funding going down, E-Commerce companies must definitely not depend much on just Discounts. The shift from “money” to “connect” as a value proposition will perpetuate in the similar way as it did for millions of other products which cut across sectors, especially in FMCGs, Telecoms, and Automobiles
The result- This wonderful re-branding will work magic only and only when the operations are smooth ensuring smooth deliveries.
The new Snapdeal re-branding is so fresh that it will distinctively catch your eyes.
Prasoon Joshi himself has penned down the lyrics of Unbox Zindagi which will for sure steal our hearts like the red cherry on the cake ;)
Oh by the way, Coca- Cola gave Christmas the memorable Red Santa Claus. Need I say more?


Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Other Side.

The stick was diminishing.It costed me 600.Thanks to my obsession of Brands,I only use German Cosmetics.My Chambor Kajal.The one and only make up product I swear by.This Kajal is water proof and smudge free and guess what,it stands besides me whenever I have a heart break,Whenever I am crying or have emotional outbursts,it helps me by keeping my fish shaped eyes fresh.One line and no one can ever make out whether I had cried the whole night.
I remember when in class 9th I was appointed as the monitor as I was the most talkative student.They had tried zillions of ways by making me shut my mouth.But how can,how can a person with such focused emotional eye ever stay quiet??Yes I blabbered.I still do.But the dimensions have changed.
Earlier I was just a kid who talked a lot.Relationship advices.A friend in need.The meanings of a girl who blabbered have changed.They evolve and absolve.Till the time my identity takes a hundred new forms. Now they say,I am a girl who can be enticed easily.
So what if being a girl I messaged you first?So what if you called me and I picked up your call in the first go??What did you want otherwise??IGNORANCE?? Do you love getting treated like a dog,licking upto a certain extent and then getting his share of the bone?Because I dont treat you like a Dog,that doesn't really make me a "Bitch".I am bohemian and comfortable in my own ways.I talk to you because I am emotional.My Being Emotional doesn't entitle you to think that I can easily be enticed.Yes I did hang out for a cup of coffee in the suburbs of the city.Few more calls And then you get intimidated by me because I turn out to be more powerful than you.Defeating your purposes.And Not getting Enticed.
Have I not slapped you for being Judgmental.Yes I have!
Tomorrow you may have your views about the girl who does not keep long hair,or the boy who continuously pays visits to the washroom.May be for the maid who continuously speaks.May be for the shopkeeper who never smiles.You may have your own perspectives.The pain on the other side is always obscured from your eyes.Because to see the pain your heart should feel.
Next time you find some one Bald,understand,when you would be repaying the loans which you will take for higher education you could be on The Other Side.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A thought straight from the heart of The Indian Girl in Pyjamas-

Im a Girl,recently married and I will excessively show it off on Facebook-

 I feel my Facebook wall is planning a conspiracy against me.Whenever I open  it I find girls either getting married,taking Pheras,or honeymooning in Kerala or Mauritius with a title- "With my Jaanu".First of all i have this serious disgust for the word “Janu”. It is a modified version of the Urdu word Jaan which means “The life in your soul”. Well come on how many of you who got married are really so deeply in love???I mean do you actually got married to the one you love or was it arranged by some Bua,Maasi,Chaachi or any other aunty in your family?Ok well in case you married the love of your life,probably your college friends already know how many break-ups and patch ups you had.Well what i wish to say is its completely fine if you are expressing your happiness but please avoid the silly pet names you keep for your lover.Don’t tell it to us.We are not really interested.Why do you show off as if you are a natural extrovert?Well agreed you look extremely hot in those shorts near the beaches with Red Choodaas in your hand but are you sure you are wearing them for the sake of your tradition? Because if it had been the case,you would not have been wearing those short jumpsuits as well.So please if you care about your tradition,care for it completely-not in parts.And was it marriage that made you so extrovert?? We have seen you being very protective about your pictures.Has marriage made you so bold??Really?? Express Women.Expression is not bad.Marriage is beautiful but unnecessary showing off your wealth,status or “fake joy” is not just uninteresting but also classless.
After a few days we expect you will be putting your babies’ pictures everywhere,on the cover pic,on the display picture,literally spamming walls.Believe me,once yes it looks good but daily the same things irritate you to the core.
Your pictures are not inspiring anyone.Please don’t live in the delusion that you did something great,infact you are scaring off people by giving them a message that its important to get married without even making your identity in the world. And,and,and adding your husband’s name ,for example- from Kritika Sharma to Kritika Gaurav Sharma doesnt,I repeat DOESN’T show that you love him more.Infact it shows how desperate you were to come out from your own identity and embrace some one else’s. Why didn’t you ever make an attempt to include your Papa’s name on facebook? Has he not made you what you are today??
Better aim at improving and gathering more love in real life rather than garnering likes and comments from random people who never paid heed to your profile when you were unmarried and never wore skimpy clothes!
No offense to anyone,but a tight slap of sarcasm whowant to Show Off rather than Expressing!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Last Hug-

The dreams at 4 am are weird,they carry a sense of belonging with them.They are almost real,carved out of that wish which could never be fulfilled.This morning was no different,I visualized her crystal clear. I lived our last moment again.
                   She was about to leave Bangalore,perhaps forever.It was me who didn't even feel like meeting her for One last time.For the first time she didn't argue.Because she wanted to meet me.One last image of mine which she craved for.
                   We met at Sony Signal Koramangla.I waited for her standing.She was arguing with the auto Rikshaw driver over fares.She always did.Once she also negotiated with the auto Rikshaw driver by offering him a sodexo meal coupon.May be she was still a child at heart,which I could never see.She was three years younger to me.But in humanity,I feel she way way elder.
                   I saw her with a new haircut that day,though she was an extremely simple girl and hardly ever behaved like girls of her age.She looked nice if not Beautiful.Her orange pink kurti matched perfectly with her olive skin tone.She was classy.Classy in her choices.
                  It was Her last Day.She loved me.Madly.Badly.6 years of a Relationship is not a small duration.
I was her first true love.I don't know what she was for me,because I always took her for granted.I did not love her.May be I loved her but I was never sure of things.She was the one who was confident,daring and extremely devoted to me.
                 She took me to a CCD near Jyothi Niwas college.It was her favorite place.It was beautiful indeed.Not like the regular closed CCDs.Tall palm trees and open area.Dusk and calm cane couches.She drew her chair close to mine.She was the one who loved Public Displays of Affection.She wanted me to kiss her cheek.I never liked that.But she forced me.I had to.Somehow I was melting inside.Whatever it was.There was a part breaking down.Her smile was the only thing I loved.A smile which could perfectly build a bad day.A divine smile.
                2 mugs coffees and a Paneer Tikka sandwich shared between both of us.She insisted me to pay for it.Though she always gave me her share whenever we went out.But that day it was different.She wanted to live a day where I acted as her real lover.Not a forced one,I was getting numb.Tears welled up in my eyes.The salubrious wind of Bangalore and she..Her straight hair flowing.Today she didnt argue.She returned all my letters.Because it was too much for her to handle them.She didnt have the heart to throw them either.A plain white T-Shirt which I gave her to wear was returned.Everything,every emotion was returned.
Because she was tired.Tired of my selfish love.Tired that not even a pinch is being reciprocated.She was scared of her fierce emotions for me.The first time ever-She Didn't Cry.I Did.
                After 2 hours of being together I left her at the back gate of Forum,Koramangla.The gate which faces the giant-Bosch.She was 5'2.5 to be precise.I was 5'10.She wanted to hug me in public.For the first time,I didn't deny.I wanted to embrace her the last time.This relation ended because I never wanted her to be a permanent part of my life.I even tried to get rid of her by blaming her for wrong reasons.She was the one who was purged enough to carry it forward.The last time we broke up,it was me who went to her and she gladly accepted me again.But I was extremely good at hurting her.I had to leave her again.6 years and not one emotion was left which we hadn't seen.
              This time I don't know why she Did Not cry.May be because you never cry for things which never would be yours.May be, a time comes when we all Accept Things as they are.Because we had tried enough.And she,she had tried more than soul could.She gave away all her self respect and dignity for Me.Yes she abused me.Alot many times.But she loved me way more than anyone could ever do.
              We hugged once.Her head came just below my chin.I was crying.I was losing her.I didn't know anything else other than the fact that this girl Worshipped me.She was a part of me.A continuity.An unending part.I know she hoped for me to return.Her hopes will never die.But I had made it clear.Transparent.I was not Hers.
             She went 10 steps and then came running back.Hugged again.the vendors watched.I cried.My tear drops fell.She said- "I love you"while still in my arms.My throat choked.She went away finally.I went to catch a bus only to realize I sat in the wrong bus.
             The Melange of Emotions and Relationships sometimes makes you feel Life is a poison and you have to constantly drink it to stay alive.Paradox indeed.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

My Dream,My Alcohol

The words fail;
And drown me so..
So deep in the Pit again...
From where it was Impossible ;
Impossible to Rise again.
Once it was love...
And never was it Abhor
I tried Love Again..
But failed again and again.
You were the happiness;the dream;the Star of my eyes..
But it had to be so..
It has become melancholy of a lifetime;
An incident I would never forget..
The bruises are so deep;
The wound may seem to heal..
But Inside doesn't relieve  ...
Still it melts me all...
Like a candle flickering flame..
Drop by Drop its finishing away.
I don't know what sins I did Commit
I don't know  what Mistakes i did.
Loving you was my religion
While giving myself all sway..
A deep deep memory seems to have been Engraved.
The soul has lost its way..
Like a Nomad I now wonder
Thinking I am the King;
I have the power to Erase..
But how Wrong I was today I know...
My dreams left you not even for a day.
The dream before I wake up,showed me today-
Like a bride on my lap you smiled and brushed your hair.
As if Your smell,your twinkle are here..
In my room,walls and my Pillow today..
Your nose tip I still remember
Was so sharp and soft.
I was in a fix always;
Whether it was a Feather or a Hawk-
You were the spice and the heavenly sweetness
Which I couldn't but Love;
Your anger made me Cry;
Your pamper made me Laugh.
Six years I gave you;
To mould me as you want..
But you declined it All..!
I have run away from that place
That Pillow:that Maze
But My Dreams arent mine
They dont leave you for a day!
I am scared of your Hands
On which someone else's name would be written;
The Crimson vermillion Mark;
And the forehead which you will Flaunt.
I am dead in my own state.
A lone lover in my own Way.
An entertainer to myself.
A Half-burnt, hearted Man!
Even alcohol  doesnt listen to me-
It shows me your images again..
Your voice just reverberates.
Again and Again..
The vicious cycle doesnt seem to End!
Even My Dreams,My Alchol Miss you...
No matter-
How much:
I fight-
-Till the end.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am a Careerwoman and I am not made to cook for you!!

Okay!! You married me because I was the one your mother chose for you!!
I am smart,confident and beautiful.
I am a Careerwoman.
I have spent my childhood just like you,cramming up the formula for sulphuric acid and organic chemistry.
Yes my parents never forced me to do the household chores and wash the clothes.
I have played with the toy cars and Jet models just like you.
I am smart,confident and beautiful.
I am a Careerwoman.
I chose to marry to get a life partner who supports...not the one who subdues.
Yes,I am smart,confident and Beautiful
I am a Careerwoman.
I have had my share of passions.I know what mileage is and why Syria is surrounded by turmoil.
I love watching BBC and have a disgust for Soaps!!
Does that put you in a state of shock??
Sorry I can't help!!
I am smart confident and Beautiful
I am a careerwoman.
I am emotional,loving and Cool.
I know what fag and I am the best driver you can come across!!
I am shy,extrovert and cute.
I am an all rounder.
I am Smart,Confident and Beautiful
I am a Careerwoman.
I know you love what I cook ,but then-
Understand that I have been working on a project just like you
I need you in the kitchen.Afterall,you are my partner.
A partner not just helps.He co-works.
I Can Understand what deadlines are.I know what Pampering is.
But sorry.
I deny to be a single host when your friends come in for dinner.
You need to stand with me not ahead of me..not behind me.
Yes thats what I am.
Smart,Confident and Beautiful.
Just because our basic chromosomes were X-Y doesn't make you any better than me.
I am there for you.
But...Not just to cook for you.
I have spent my nights in preparing hard for my exams just like you.
I have attended the most prestigious college and had my shares of ups and downs.
I am Smart,Confident and Beautiful.
I am a careerwoman.
I love playing Guitar and the audience is spellbound.
I have my own share of aspirations and dreams.
I want us to walk together.
I am Smart,Confident and Beautiful.
I am a Careerwoman.
I wish to have kids.
You may complain you are too busy to get their Maths homework done
But honey,I have my office hours too.
Next time you ask me to cook for you.
Please Remember.
I you are a successful entrepreneur.
I am a Super Successful Careerwoman too!!

My dear dear Husband please bookmark this post on your i-Pad !!

Disclaimer- In no way does this post demean housewives.